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Alpina ESK Elite Skate

Alpina ESK Elite Skate

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Alpina Model ESK Elite Skate

Super let elite racing støvle med carbon-fiber manchetter for optimal ankel støtte og stivhed.
Specielt velegnet til "Skate", kan selvfølgelig også bruges til traditionel langrend.

Under beskrivelse, kan du se en video der forklarer forskellen på Skate og traditionel langrend.

Str. 42

  • 42


 - Champions best friend

Alpina’s boots for skate technique (ESK) in Nordic skiing are made for top competitors in Nordic skiing and biathlon, as well as those Nordic skiers who desire the best. They are distinguished by a minimalist design that is applied to the spat of the shoe under which the inner shoe is hidden. The spat covers the surface of the boot completely and ensures water resistance as well as a perfect fit. The inner shoe is distinguished by the new lacing system, high quality materials and a foothold that is designed to the specifics of an individual competitor. This uncompromising boot ensures exceptional stability and a good transfer of power from the foot to the ski, without any loss of energy.

The new Alpina Elite boots combine the Titanium/Carbon Composite Technology that made the ECS/ECL amazingly light and stable with a completely new shoe last and sole that set a new standard in ski boot performance. 

Out-of-the-box thinking sums up their design concept. The Alpina R&D team have been diligently working on this project for well over three years, studying athletic footwear from literally all the sports. They investigated new materials, new techniques of manufacturing and new technologies. Then they focused their energies on combining totally new slip materials, a whole new approach to fit, lacing, and a dynamic new shape to the carbon titanium cuffs.

The result of this is the Elite series that delivers the closest integration of foot to boot to ski imaginable. They provide a feeling that is like having your foot directly attached to the ski. The fit is the most precise, comfortable second skin racing that has ever been brought to the market.


Size  42
Skier type Elite Racing
Colour red / gold
Sole NNN R3 Pebax Sole
Binding NNN Xcelerator, R4, R3 Skate Binding

Carbon-composite Stabilizer,
Carbon-composite Cuff,
Asymetric Plastic Heel Counter,
NEW Heel Grip Lining 
Power Strap,
Elastic Adjustment,
Waterproof Overboot,
Waterproof Zipper,
Elite Lacing Skate System,
NEW Thinsulate Insulation
Anatomic Racing Footbed,
Stiff Boot Flex



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