Skibriller FLAXTA EPISODE WHITE Udskiftelig Linse - Gold Mirror 999,00 kr.
Skibriller FLAXTA EPISODE WHITE Udskiftelig Linse - Gold Mirror 999,00 kr.
  • -501,00 kr.
Skibriller FLAXTA EPISODE WHITE Udskiftelig Linse - Gold Mirror 999,00 kr.
Skibriller FLAXTA EPISODE WHITE Udskiftelig Linse - Gold Mirror 999,00 kr.

FLAXTA EPISODE WHITE Udskiftelig Linse - Gold Mirror

999,00 kr. 1.500,00 kr. -501,00 kr.
Inkl. moms

FLAXTA EPSIODE med Gold Mirror linse S2. mest universal linse til alle forhold

The spherical double lens by ZEISS incorporates Enlight lens technology, which filter visual information and boosts contras. Changing the lens is quick and easy and the magnetic contact points smoothly guide the lens into place.

The adaptive frame construction and thermo shaped face foam secures a close and perfect fit, while the anti-fog and anti-scratch coated lens ensures optimal vision at all times.

- Magnetic lens-change system
- Spherical double lens by ZEISS
- Designed for enhanced peripheral vision
- Adaptive frame construction for an individual fit
- 3-layer thermo shaped face foam
- Enlight lens technology that maximizes contrast
- Silicone on the inside of the strap
- Anti-fog and anti-scratch treated


Don't let changing weather or light conditions slow you down.

Flaxta's goggle lenses have been specifically designed to perform throughout the day, even in changing weather conditions.
So it doesn't matter if you're skiing or snowboarding in bright sunshine or overcast skies, our lenses are up to the task, thanks to their advanced coatings and tints.

With our all-round lenses, you can enjoy maximum visibility and clarity on the mountain – no matter the conditions.

LENS OVERVIEW (Magnetic lens-change system)
- Light red lens, Category 0-1
- Silver mirror lens, Category 2
- Gold mirror lens, Category 2
- Blue mirror lens, Category 2
- Black lens, Category 3-4

For over 150 years, ZEISS has led the way in optical innovation, and their goggle lenses are no exception to their legacy of excellence.

In close collaboration with ZEISS, we've developed an extensive range of lenses crafted to provide unparalleled clarity and performance on the mountain.

All of our lenses boast advanced coatings and tints, making them the preferred choice for skiers of all skill levels.

UPGRADE YOUR VISION With Enlight Lens Technology
Enlight has been developed in close collaboration with the industry leader in optics, ZEISS, and our lenses are designed to provide skiers and snowboarders with the ultimate vision, performance and safety on the mountain.

Our Enlight lenses filter visual information and boost contrast, allowing you to see the mountain and the snow with greater clarity and react faster to changing conditions. 

Designed to enhance vision in all snow-affected light conditions, Enlight blocks out the light spectrum that creates flat light, and instead, focuses on letting in the blue light spectrum that enhances contrast in snow.

The result is heightened visual detail and clarity in your terrain, all while providing full UV protection.

With Enlight, you can trust your goggles to provide you with the sharpest, clearest vision possible, no matter the conditions.

Frame size: Large

Helmet compatible: Yes

OTG (Over the glasses) compatible: Yes



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