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Absolut top beskyttelse til alle aktiviteter hvor ryggen skal beskyttes. Det helt unikke matriale er flexibelt og former sig til din ryg ved hjælp af din kropsvarme samt har markedes bedste chok absobering, med aftageligelig halebens beskytter perfekt til snowboarder mm

CE standard EN 1621-2, Højeste niveau for ryg beskyttelse

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The SLYTECH 2ND SKIN BACKPRO XT is certified to the highest levels of the European Standard (EN 1621-2).

We embrace completely free, flexible, light and comfortable materials. In addition to all these superior attributes, we’ve also developed a new advanced ergonomic shape that maximizes body conformity and ventilation, keeping you dryer and more comfortable than ever before.

It goes without saying that Slytech continues to look down on the use of rigid hard plastic components. The soft protective element is the patented SLYTECH 2ND SKiN™ XT technology that allows for the backprotector to mold to the wearer’s body and provide dynamic impact protection proportional to the force of the impact: the harder you hit, the better the protection. No other body protection provides that level of freedom of movement, comfort and protection.

Back protector Size chart
  30kg 40kg 50kg 60kg 70kg 80kg 90kg 100kg 110kg
120cm XS XS              
130cm XS XS              
140cm XS XS S S          
150cm   S S S          
160cm   S S S M M L L  
170cm   M M M M M L L  
180cm   M M M L L L L XL
190cm       L L L XL XL XL
200cm         L L XL XL XL
210cm             XL XL XL


The Slytech 2nd Skin Back Pro XT is essential is a helmet because it protect your vulnerable spine.It also protects your tailbone, shoulder blades, and give the added benefit of supporting your lower back.

We embrace completely free, flexible, light and comfortable materials in addition to all the superior attributes.

We have also developed a new advanced ergonomic shape to maximize body conformity and ventilation, keeping your dryer and more comfortable than ever before.

Slytech 2nd Skin XT: The particular microstructure of the Slytech 2nd Skin XT EVA based foam earns its unique nature because it is arranged in very homogeneous polygonal cells that are separated by membrane walls. When warmed by your body heat, the EVA polygonal-cell foam becomes even more flexible and contours to your body shape, just like clay.

Impact Intelligence: When impact occurs, the EVA polygonal cell foam performs as a progressive shock absorber that intelligently adapts to the different forces in speed of a crash. The shock absorption increases proportionally to the strength of the impact, so your body is protected completely at any impact level.

Modular Protection Concept: We have carefully engineered all of our Slytech second skin protectors to work with one another as part of a modular protection concept. You can buy and use each piece individually or combine protectors to create a full body system that protects you from head to toe without sacrificing comfort flexibility and most importantly protection.

Venting Pattern: The brand new venting pattern promotes the flow of air between the body and the shock absorbing protectors made in the Slytech 2nd Skin phone technology.

Multi-Impact: The shock absorbing element is designed to withstand multiple impacts, whether they are in quick succession, or a slam, or over the lifetime of the product. By returning to its original shape after impact, the protector is capable to once again effectively absorb shocks.

Fitting Technology: Allows for ultimate freedom of movement with a combination of extremely flexible materials and designs.

Hardware Free: To keep our protective products completely flexible and comfortable we avoid hard plastic components, because what is hard can hurt.

Grip-On Straps: Provides the necessary grip on shoulder straps so that they will not slip off your shoulders.

Zip-Out: A zipper allows for quick removal of the protective element from its covered materials, thus a very easy and fast washing of all the parts. Then the shock absorber can be easily washed and wiped. It dries very quickly.

Flow Mesh: The super thick yet flexible and soft airmesh is designed specifically for this application, providing unrivaled insulation and comfort.

4 Seasons: Provides year round comfort and multi-sport ultimate protection.

Recyclable: Slytech 2nd Skin XT EVA base material has a very high degree of recycleability as opposed to traditional polyurethane soft protectors. It is not made of multi-materials that are sandwiches of hard plastics, like traditional hard protectors that are impossible to recycle.

Formamide Free: Our Slytech 2nd Skin XT EVA based material is completely free from formamide, a toxic chemical usually found in similar compounds.

Non-Allergenic: Our Slytech 2nd Skin XT EVA based material is non-allergenic and does not contain harmful substances.

Toxic-Free: Our Slytech 2nd Skin XT EVA based material is produced through a solvent free, environmentally friendly process. Because we care about our planet.

For at demonstrere forskellen mellem den traditionelle beskytter af rygsøjlen, og Slytech beskyttere, har vi udarbejdet følgende video (testmaterialer er i følgende rækkefølge: klassiske plast matriale, det populære "Orange" materiale, Slytech 2. Slytech 2nd Skin XT). Dette er et eksempel på støddæmpning af de individuelle materialer ...








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