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Alpina Grandby MM skibriller/Goggles

Alpina Grandby MM skibriller/Goggles

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Alpina Grandby MM skibrille med ramme fri linse for størst mulig synsfelt
Doubleflex multispejlglas med thermoblock, og optimal udluftning samt højeste(S3) beskyttelse mod stærk sollys 100% UVA-B-C beskyttet

Farve: Grøn

Str: One Size

  • Grøn

Thanks to the frameless design of the Granby MM ski goggles, whirling snow can't get stuck in the frame - perfect for powder descents. In addition, these goggles impress with their large, anti-fogging field of vision and their perfect non-slip fit. Thanks to the multi-mirror pane lens, your view won't be ruined by extreme glare or infra-red light.

Perfect vision
The Granby MM come with a spherical, strongly reflective pane lens that is anti-fogging and provides an improved panoramic field of vision. The frameless design means that the double pane lens is pushed forward. This allows for a larger pane lens and thus a larger field of vision. With their multi-mirror pane lens, these goggles protect against extreme glare and infra-red light.

No steaming up
Ventilation openings in the pane lens provide good ventilation inside the goggles. Thus any fogging up of the lenses is effectively prevented.

Secure grip
The special rubber lining on the inside of the goggle strap prevents it from slipping. Thanks to HINGE BAND technology, the goggle strap is attached to movable plastic hooks on the outside of the frame. This ensures that the goggles fit really well - especially when worn with a ski helmet.

Ergonomic fit
Due to both the movable plastic ridges on the forehead and cheek areas of the frame as well as the more flexible nose construction, these goggles have an optimal ergonomic fit for all face shapes. For the best possible comfort without pressure points.


  • Thermoblock
  • Strongly reflective
  • Protection level S3
  • Rimless
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