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Stöckli nok "Verdens bedste ski" jeg har selv stået på stöckli ski de sidste mange år og må sige det skal prøves unik kvalitet som ikke må sælges på nettet og med en høj normal pris som gør at du ikke ser disse unikke top ski hvor som helst .. Men her er den, som et godstog ned af pisten 100% stabil selv ved høj hastighed samt super i offpisten, Allmountain/Freeride ski i særklasse

Str: 188cm

  • 188 cm

Prisen er uden bindinger ønskes ski og bindinger ring 26219744 

Dette er skien for den dygtige skiløber der ønsker 100% stabilitet ved alle hastigheder samt en ski der kan få dig over hele bjerget 

P.S dette er skiens Lamborghini så ønsker du ikke misundelige blikke på pisten er dette ikke skien for dig samt husk en ski lås:-)...                           


Stockli Limited Edition (1000 made) Alinghi Skis (Flat). 

Ski Type = All Mountain / Freeride Ski 

Alinghi, Defender of the 32nd America’s Cup has launched a limited edition ski in Zermatt, Switzerland.

This launch is the pinnacle of a project between Alinghi, Stöckli and Dominique Perret, "Freerider of the Century." 

Stöckli have been working closely with both, Ernesto Bertarelli, and Dominique Perret, a good friend of his, to produce a limited edition, high end, freeride ski, tailored for powder on and off the slopes. 
There are several passionate skiers within the America’s Cup team: sailing team members, Josh Belsky, Curtis Blewett, Yves Detrey, Nils Frei, Murray Jones, to name just a few plus some ex-competitive skiers, such as Pierre-Yves Jorand, the sailing coach, who was European Champion speed skier with a top speed of 225km/h.

Also Francine Moreillon, an Alinghi media officer, with three World Champion extreme skier titles and time as the film double for SophieMarceau in the classic James Bond “The World Is Not Enough.”

Ernesto Bertarelli comments on a successful project: “This project has been based on a shared passion for nature, sports and technology.

Thanks to Dominique Perret, Stöckli and Alinghi decided to build a ski which would cement our friendship and remind us of our common values.” 

And Dominique Perret adds: “I am very happy and proud of this opportunity to associate my ski partner Stöckli with the Alinghi adventure and thus to have provided the best ski manufacturer for this project.

There are just a few turns from the mountain peaks to the ocean and we want to make them with people that hold the same values.” 

Beni Stöckli, CEO of Stöckli Skis, reflects on the parallels between Alinghi and Stöckli: “We both represent similar values: passion, high end technology and team spirit and these are reflected in the development of the Alinghi freeride ski.”

The Alinghi was limited to 1,000 pairs

The Stockli Alinghi is simply the most precise skiing instrument on the market today.

Who they are:

Based in Switzerland, Stockli isn’t a major player in the US market, and the company’s skis can be hard to find. Manufactured with the same attention to detail as the heralded Swiss watches, Stockli’s skis are built with a sandwich construction, with both wood and synthetic cores, and the company isn’t afraid to tap into outside expertise to help design the freeride line.

Both Scot Schmidt and Dominique Perret have left their mark on the company’s big-mountain tools. With three new park and pipe offerings, Stockli is bringing the durability and toughness of their big-mountain line to jibbers.

Stockli are renowned for their levels of craftsmanship and finish. A Swiss company, over 80 years making skis, every ski hand made and only 40,000 pairs made a year. Stockli is more of an institution to the ski industry than just a manufacturer.

They have a very strong heritage in specialist racing and Free-ride skis for skiers who equally strong and technically competent. If you buy a World Cup slalom or GS ski from Stockli it is essentially the same ski as that used on the crystal circuit, you get lots of performance and speed but the flip side is a very humbling experience if you do not ski to a high level.

Surface: Imprinted polyamide, High Gloss, 3D shape 

Construction: Sandwich system: Fiberglass - Titanal - Titanal support in mid section - Wood Core - Fiberglass - Titanal 

Base: Sintered racing graphite with Alinghi insert, Swiss-precision-tuning



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