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Elan Interra Amphibio Fusion

Elan Interra Amphibio Fusion

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Hvis du kan lide en kraftfuld ski, Elan Amphibio Interra blev skabt med fokus på ydeevne både på og udenfor pisten. Den revolutionerende Amphibio® profil, som kombinerer Rocker og Camber profiler i én ski, vil få alle skiløbere til at vende hovedet når de ser dette mesterværk ganske enkelt verdensklasse – skal ses og prøves, absolut Top All mountainski. 

Farve: Sort/rød/hvid

Str: 158cm

  • 158 cm

Prisen er inkl. bindinger HUSK: at tilføje højde, vægt og støvlestørrelse ved bestilling i kommentarfeltet, gøres dette ikke sendes skiene med bindingerne umonteret.

At 88mm underfoot this is a serious all mountain ski with boatloads of technology poured into it. These are some of the sleekest skis in shops today. They like to be skied aggressively and fast on hardpack, but since these are a little wider than usual carvers, the softer snow will be a breeze. What really gets us going is the Amphibio technology (twisted rocker) that provides easy turning and a very solid edge grip simultaneously, usually tough to accomplish on this stiff of a ski. Included are the ELX 11 bindings which is lightweight and adjustable to any boot size.

Ski Specifications

Ski: All Mountain
Bindings Included: Yes
What Binding is Included?: ELW Fusion 3-11
Binding DIN: 3-11
Waist Width: 88mm
Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 134/88/114 R.13,5(158cm)
Tail Profile: Flat
Rocker: Rocker/Camber
Flex: Stiff
Turn Radius: 11-15
Actual Turn Radius: 13.5m (158cm)
Construction Type: Sidewall
Core Material: Wood w/ Metal (titanium)
Titanium: Yes
Special Features: Amphibio Rocker
Special Features: Waveflex Technology
Skill Range: 

Width: Medium – ideal for all-mountain, off-trail versatility

Medium – ideal for all-mountain, off-trail versatility

Flex: Stiff - advanced to experts who want power and control


  Vidioen er fra 2012/13 da teknologien kom frem.. den ski du ser på nu er sidste års model


Amphibio Technology

Wood Core: The standard core which has throughout time provided the best performance and durability. Each model may have it's own density level to help define flex and maximum speed but every wood core ski will be solid.

Amphibio Rocker Technology: Elan's Amphibio Rocker is a groundbreaking design, wherein the edge of the outside ski has a stable flat camber, great for holding edges on hardpack; and the edge of the inside ski is rockered in both the tip and tail, giving it a more surfy, easy and playful feel. The purpose of this technology is to give you a ski that is extremely fast and stable on hardpack without being painfully difficult to maneuver, as well as giving the outside edges a nice surfy feel when making turns in soft snow.

RST Sidewalls: Very thick, durable and strong sidewalls will help the skier maintain power through turns and through a variety of snow conditions.

Right and Left Ski : Since this ski features Amphibio Rocker (explained above) these skis have a designated right and left that is labeled above the toe piece to ensure the skis do their intended job effectively.

Metal Tip Protectors: These skis have rugged tip protectors made of metal that will help fight against chipping and damage to the tips, which is both a performance and cosmetic benefit.

Waveflex Technology: Elan's Waveflex is literally waves bored out of the core of the ski, you can see and feel the topsheet has a wave-like texture. The purpose of these waves is to provide a harmonious flex pattern throughout the ski, and lightens up the overall weight of the ski without giving up torsional rigidity.

Titanium Layer: A thin, but strong layer of Titanium sits under the topsheet of this ski. Not only does it make the ski stronger, it keeps it lighter than other metals, and also creates a dampening effect for the ski. This means it rides smoother over bumpy terrain.

Ideal Target Skier: Weekend Warrior/Charger That are good/great skiers, and ski hard every chance they get on steeps, moguls, powder... whatever they can get their hands on.

Sandwich Construction (SW): SW means that the sides of the skis are a vertical wall rather the the rounded Cap construction forund on most skis. Since none of the skis material needs to be exerting force maintaining shape at the edges, SW skis are stiffer than their Cap counterparts. Most people find SW skis to be damper, that is more glued to the snow, superior at high speed GS turns and top notch at busting through crud or choppy snow.

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