All-Mountain Elan 888 Alu - Freeride/All-Mountain Ski 2,400.00
All-Mountain Elan 888 Alu - Freeride/All-Mountain Ski 2,400.00
  • -60%
All-Mountain Elan 888 Alu - Freeride/All-Mountain Ski 2,400.00
All-Mountain Elan 888 Alu - Freeride/All-Mountain Ski 2,400.00

Elan 888 Alu - Freeride/All-Mountain Ski

2.400,00 kr. 6.000,00 kr. -60%
Inkl. moms Levering 1-3 Hverdage

Til den gode All-Mountain/Freerider.
Alu top lag + Dual Ti (2 lag titanium), giver skien maximal stabilitet og kraft.
RST Sidewall sørger for perfekt kantgreb over hele skiens længde og direkte kraftoverførsel.
Tip og Tail Rocker giver lettere og ubesværede sving samt bedre opdrift i dybt sne.

Niveau: Øvet-Avanceret-Expert
DIM: 128/88/108 
Bemærk: Uden bindinger
Anbefalet binding: Tyrolia Attack 13 - Marker Griffon 13 ID - Marker Jester 16 ID

  • 177 cm


The Elan 888 Alu has been a model of choice for many freeriders all over the world. Developed for advance to expert freeride skiers, these skis feature ideal weight to strength ratio due to ultra thin aluminium profile+duel TI. All-Mountain rocker profile with moderate tip rocker and lifted rocker tail makes for easy turns and effortless off'piste adventures.

With an average waist width, with skill it can handle any terrain you throw at it..

The Elan 888 is a beefy directional freeride ski for advanced to expert skiers. At 88mm underfoot, this would be an all mountain, powder ski that will definitely haul pretty darn fast on anything. Its got a great shape for carving and is pretty stiff for stability and confidence nuking down the front side and tip rocker for floating down the back side.

Wood Core:The standard core which has throughout time provided the best performance and durability. Each model may have it's own density level to help define flex and maximum speed but every wood core ski will be solid.

Tip Rocker:This refers to the early rising of the tip to get the ski on top of the soft snow, rather than pushing through it. When the skis are held with the bases together, it will look like the tips are bent, and spread away from eachother. Tip rocker also helps skiers pivot the skis, making tight trees remarkably easy, and gives the ski a surf-like feel.

Speed: Very Fast:Skiing at this speed means keeping up with the best skiers on the mountain, while still maintaining control.

Tail Rocker:Just like Tip rocker, but in the tail, this feature allows the tails of the skis to release easier from the turn to give the skier the ability to turn the skis quicker in tight spots. It also allows skiers to dump speed by forcing the tails out and sliding sideways. The effective edge is reduced because of the tail rocker, so the skis will also be easier to control when forced to ski on the groomed slopes.

Sandwich Construction (SW): SW means that the sides of the skis are a vertical wall rather the the rounded Cap construction forund on most skis. Since none of the skis material needs to be exerting force maintaining shape at the edges, SW skis are stiffer than their Cap counterparts. Most people find SW skis to be damper, that is more glued to the snow, superior at high speed GS turns and top notch at busting through crud or choppy snow.




Terræn: All-Mountain, Freeride
Binding: Uden binding
Niveau: Øvet-Avanceret-Expert
Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Dreje Radius: Medium-Lang
Core/Laminering: Wood, Alu, Titanium
Tail Type: Rocker-semi twintip-(skin ready)
Din: Lav:  -
Din: Høj:  -
Størrelse (cm) 177
Tip Bredde (mm) 128
Talje Bredde (mm) 88
Tail bredde (mm) 108
Dreje radius (m) 21.1

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