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From socks to high-tech clothing

“Closely knit" is the beginning of this house, today belonging to the oldes family held companies in Bavaria. Stockings, socks, night-caps and Suebian pointy hats were in the range of items the stocking salesman Georg Schöffel. In 1804 he had received the concession for this. Schwabmünchen in those days is the stronghold of knitters. "Schwabmünchner Blue" is warrant for quality.

The more than 200 years of company history of Schöffel consists of episodes and events, strokes of luck and blows of fate. Already shortly after founding the small company Georg Schöffel’s son Josef must go to war. During the fighting the young man from Schwabmünchen saves the life of Bavarian crown prince Ludwig. The consequence: as lifetime annuity for Josef, which he invests into his mobile trade with stockings and ultimately opens way to the marriage with the countrymen’s daughter Theresa. Later the mobile merchants prepare landing and become resident in Schwabmünchen sesshaft with the textile company, which is passed on and expanded from generation to generation.

After the second world war a new page of the familiy saga is turned. Ludwig Schöffel, the designated company heir had died in Russia, therefore the younger brother Hubert, born 1930, takes his place and goes his own way. First the 28 years old realized an ambitious plan: He has a new and modern clothing shop built. 1960 it opened and managed by wife his Lydia, who died 1999, for decades both skillfully as well as prudently.

But Hubert Schöffel, merchant in sixth generation continuously aims for new horizons. 1961, year of birth of his son Peter, a Lederhosen factory in Schwabmünchen closes down. Hubert Schöffel doesn’t hesitate and treads new terrain. Already in September in the own manufacturing hall the sewing machines prattle away. Street pants are now Schöffels second leg. Soon 40 employees are sewing pants for men and children. Hiking becomes a trend as leisure activity in the beginning of the 60ies economic boom in Germany: Schöffel manufactures the fitting outfit: the Bundhose (knee breeches). And also the idea to fasten the skiing pants above the boots manifests as “Jetpants” (Jethose) in Schwabmünchen. A new era has started.

In the late 70ies new materials, coating methods and trends determine the textile industry. Hubert Schöffel is always on the lookout for alternatives. One of them is called "GORE-TEX®“, a wind proof as well as water proof, hard-wearing membrane. But already in 1981 the chaper is closed. Technical shortcomings unsettles customers and manufacturers. Only Schöffel and the Gore company realize their correctly determined common vision. To provide sufficient merchandise for an upcoming marketing campaign by Gore, Schöffel orders the required fusing capacity for processing the new material sufficient for 24.000 jackets – noted: without having one single piece in their book of commission. The start 1983 is two-tiered: Sport Schuster in Munich orders 70 mountain anoraks "Tibet", Gore places a full-page advertisement at daily newspapers. Already at noon of the day of appearance all anoraks are sold. In the coming months this runs up into the thousands. The triumphal procession of GORE-TEX® and Schöffel has begun. What follows are booming years along with the generation change in the house Schöffel. 1986 Peter Schöffel joins his parents’ company and after completing his apprenticeship in marketing and sales, he takes over management in the beginning 90ie.

Over the following decades Schöffel develops to be one of the leading manufacturers of skiing and outdoor clothing in the German-speaking countries and also throughout wide parts of Europe plays a leading role as premium brand. The corporate group splits into the brand Schöffel and Professional Wear. Stringent concentration upon the clothing portfolio and the family-held company structure, quick and short-term decisions allow to massively invest TV-marketing. This is considered to be the crucial element for success of the Brand.

Today more than 200 people work at the head office Schwabmünchen.

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