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Beanies og ørevarmere med bluetooth højttalere

Our mission:

Neither in-ear headphones nor on-ear constructions with headbands are suitable for sports and outdoor use. Too many headphones move, slip, or fall partially from the ear with the slightest movement. We’ve made it our mission to create a comfortable and practical music listening experience for any activity.


We developed a high-quality alternative to traditional headphones and embedded Bluetooth speakers in comfortable headwear. This constrtuction combines pressure-free wearing with a full, bass-heavy sound. Adjusting the volume allows outside noise to be heard for personal safety outdoors. Earebel headphones are the most comfortable beanie-with-headset combination on the market and are barely noticeable when worn.


Want to switch up your look? No problem: Our convertible "wearables" offer for the first time customization with all Earebel caps and headbands. Simply swap out different colors of headphones to change it up.


Earebel is for everyone! Extreme athletes and weekend warriors appreciate the Earebel value, while tech lovers and audiophiles have fun with their new toy.

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