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It was back in 1963 that the brand with the slim "mustache" logo came into being close to the town of Sallanches, born from the inspired union of two manufacturing companies with strong ambitions. The partnership between Starflex skis, produced by Synthetic Plastics, and Dynamic resulted in the birth of a new high-performance skis called Dynastar - a clever blend of Dynamic and Starflex.


The 1966 World Championships in Portillo gave Dynastar a taste for victory. Marielle Goitschel and Guy Perillat have made their first three World Championship titles and the first three silver medals in its history. The brand became the manufacturer with the most victories in the World Championships.


On 31 May 1967, the managing director of Rossignol, Laurent Boix-Vives, attracted by Dynastar's daring, no-holds-barred approach, bought all of the Synthetic Plastics' assets from Northern Springs.

Sallanches produces more than 100,000 peers a year! Dynastar set to conquer the West and made it in America! These are a few of the most commonly asked questions in the world: "Who is the best?", "Solidarity", "Synergy between people, skills and positions," are passionate about skiing "


In the 1980s, sales rose steadily by 10 to 15% a year, up to the historic 1987 and 1988 seasons when they grew to record proportions: 530,000 peers and a turnover of 270 million francs. The brand was riding high, joining forces with Lange Ski Boots.


In 1984 the "Golden Race" reaches a higher technological level and is equipped with an intriguing red ball: the contact system, a damping device in the tip that hallmarks its era. At the Sarajevo Winter Olympics, the Italian Paoleta Magoni and the American Debbie Armstrong win gold medals in the Slalom and the Giant, and the Frenchman Didier Bouvet brings home the bronze in the Slalom.


At Albertville in 1992, and again at Lillehammer in 1994, Dynastar won more Olympic medals than any other ski brand with racing stars: Marc Girardelli, Kjetil André Aamodt, Deborah Compagnoni, and American Tommy Moe. Four medals were won over this period by Aamodt and Girardelli; while in Lillehammer, Moe became the first American ski racer to win two medals in a single Olympics with a gold in the Downhill and silver in the Super-G.


Dynastar was at the cutting edge of the parabolic revolution with its first Max ski, developed in a few months. The company has become one of the leaders and pioneers of the new generation of more fun, more accessible and more modern skis.


Dynastar was the first to bring a freeride ski series: the 4X4. Dynastar Team is represented by iconic riders such as Jeremy Nobis or Arno Adam.


The last decade has belonged to women skiers. This period is the time of the Exclusive series, designed exclusively for women. Dynastar made its mark once again in 2001 by being the first brand to develop technology specific to the physiology of female skiers.


In 2005, Rossignol Group is sold by the Australian brand: Quiksilver, then sold to the company Chartreuse and Mont Blanc. The chosen strategy was to turn the Sallanches into one of the Group's centers of excellence, specializing in top-of-line skis.


Aurélien Ducroz, member of the Dynastar team since 2004, has marked the last decade in the freeride ski area. The rider from Chamonix, as well as the Nissan Xtreme in Verbier or Nissan Freeride in Chamonix. He became World Champion twice in 2009 and 2011. At the same time, the Transat 6.50 and Transat Jacques Vabres.


Sochi 2014, two historical titles of Olympic Champion for Dynastar!

On Wednesday, February 12th  Dominique Gisin  became Downhill Olympic champion in Sochi to a tie with Tina Maze. At 28 years-old, the Swiss racer has had many successes in her career: joy with 7 World Cup podiums including 3 victories, pain with many knee injuries. This medal was very important for her: "This Olympic medal is a dream which comes true, it has a lot, a lot of work, tears, disappointments, but especially the will to never abdicate. this run. "

In skicross , Jean-Frédéric Chapuis and Arnaud Bovolenta  have realized a great achievement in Sochi, taking the gold medal and the silver medal. The podium is completed by another French racer, Jonathan Midol. Our two skiers from  Dynastar Team  have built the podium with strong and controlled runs and they offer to France an historical hat-trick.

Jean-Frédéric ChapuisWorld Champion in 2013 was very satisfied with his race:  " It is a huge performance."  This success, we have a team, a staff around Michel Lucatelli, with the physios, the technicians, the doctor. We made a very big physical preparation and That country today. Sincerely, we left nothing at random to make this triplet. It is beautiful. "

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